End of an Era, with a New Beginning

Hey! I’m alive! The week has flown past.

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I’m about to move on from my two-year college to a university that I was recently accepted into.

Change is ahead.

And to be honest, I originally started this blog as part of an assignment for my fiction writing class. This is the last post I’ll ever be required to make.

That being said, I’ve always wanted to keep a regularly-updated writing blog. This was just an opportunity for me to fulfill that goal. So, before going any further, I’d like to say that I will be continuing this blog. No worries. Updates may slow a bit, and I’ll certainly be going on a bit of a break at the end of this semester, which is only two weeks away, but I’ll make sure that this blog isn’t dormant.

Actually, the hiatus may start now. Finals week is coming.

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Anyways, writing book reviews was certainly a new experience for me. It was a highly enjoyable one, however, because I finally sat down and analyzed what about the book I truly liked, and why. This, of course, improved my skills on articulating why I liked a book when I am recommending it to my friends. I feel a bit bad because I wrote so many glowing reviews, but it’s because I wasn’t just randomly plucking books off of the shelf. I was receiving recommendations from friends and loved ones whose taste I liked, so there was a very good chance that I was going to at least like each book.

As I figure out an updating schedule, I’m going to broaden my horizon on what this blog will discuss. Some posts may be musings about life from a writer’s point of view, such as my “Where Was Ferris Bueller During My Spring Break?” post. Others are going to include tips from my own personal experience in writing (forewarning: most of them are action related; my friends do jokingly call me the “action junkie”, after all). And I’m thinking about continuing the tradition of posting a book review every time I finish a new book. Who knows, I may even continue the IMWAYR meme (maybe I’ll actually post it on Monday like it’s supposed to for once).

Whatever the future holds, I hope you’ll stick around. Thank you for your lovely comments and support so far.

all the best,




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