It’s…Monday! Wow! What am I reading?

I’m on time! I’M ON TIME FOR THIS!!

I haven’t been doing as much reading as I should, but I’m going to be. I’m going on a cruise the week after next that doesn’t have wifi (and the cellular is super expensive) so I’m expecting to get some reading done. I’ll either finish my current book, or get some serious progress on reading the manga for Ushio and Tora that I have downloaded on a manga reading app on my phone.

Or who knows, I may just sit there and stare out at the sea.

Anyways, I went to a book-sale recently, which was put together by the Friends of the Library organization, and I picked up a lot of great sci-fi books. This book sale was a book worms dream. Wow.

Image result for book worm gif

I have started reading one of those books, and it’s called Star Dragon by Mike Brotherton. I just started, so I’m actually only about 28 pages into it. Star Dragon is about a crew of individuals sent on a mission into space in order to study this dragon-like creature that was observed living in the depths of space. An impossible, previously undiscovered creature that should not exist. The only catch about this expedition is that 500 years will pass on Earth upon their return from the voyage.

It’s a big decision for the crew, to say the least.

The story is written in third person limited, where it switches between characters. The way the author approaches this problem for each character is very interesting, so far. And I love the world-building. This quote is from when a character named Lena Fang is at a beach on Earth deciding as to whether she really wants to go on this mission, and I love this passage:

Just as she finished leaving her request with the dispatch program, a Frisbee landed at her feet. Fang smiled. So much had hanged about the external trappings of humanity since she’d been born–she tried to remember her personal age rather than her Earth-frame age–but the internal was much the same: the desire of children to play, for instance.

Fang squatted to recover the Frisbee, thinking she’d throw it back. As her hand neared the disk, it leapt away, kicking up sand. She heard a boy snickering. Looking up, she spotted him, reeling in the toy. But something wasn’t right. Fang squinted, increasing her visual magnification.

A thin filament connected the disk to the boy’s arm. It was part of his body. A woman, the boy’s mother she guessed, told him to stop bothering people and resumed fanning herself with her giant pink feathery fingers. A cloud crossed in front of the sun, dulling the late golden afternoon, and Fang suddenly felt chilled. This wasn’t her world, and these weren’t her people. Maybe they could have been a long time ago–she wanted to believe that she was capable of belonging, at least at some point in Earth’s history. She wanted to tackle something more tangible, more conquerable, than time.

Fang jogged to meet her taxi.

Throughout the scene, Brotherton had been casually dropping hints about how it was mainstream to have major body modifications, like the boy’s “Frisbee” or his mother’s “pink feathery fingers”. He also mentioned that Fang had been on other missions before, so a lot of time had passed on Earth since the time of her birth anyway, already distancing her from the planet. This passage is the turning point in her decision, and I really love the way he handled it.

Anyways, the way it’s going so far, I think this is going to be a good one. I’m already sucked in.

Image result for it's going to be good gif

Also, I just finished rewatching season one of Attack on Titan. For the third time. It still gives me goosebumps, it’s crazy intense. I’m scared to watch season two as it airs, because of the cliffhangers, so I think I’m just going to wait till it’s done to watch it all in one go.

Image result for attack on titan gif
Attack on Titan

And finally, I just finished the anime “One Punch Man”. And I am so impressed. Not only is the animation top-notch, but the show itself was both epic and absolutely hilarious. I’m currently rewatching it, because it was that good, and I think I’m going to do a separate post about it and its interesting story angle.

Image result for one punch man gif
One Punch Man

Just as a quick warning, both Attack on Titan and One Punch Man are rated mature, mostly for violence. However, both have amazing, high-quality animation, great story-lines (and I worship AoT’s dialogue, it’s amazing), and can be found on Netflix and also for free on Crunchyroll. I may rant about them later.

Breaking down their elements and appreciating the stories in animation and other forms of visual entertainment from a writer’s perspective is another great way to improve your own writing and broaden your horizons. But more on that later.

Hope all of you have a great start to your week!


all the best,



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